Why Men Won't Commit - Your Guy Not Commitment-Ready?

Published: 03rd March 2011
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It may sometimes be hard to read the minds of men over 40, especially when it comes to commitment. There are varied reasons why men won't commit. Some reasons include a traumatic past. It could also be because of their personality. Just because men don't commit to a relationship with you, doesn't mean they are not capable of love. Men's psyche is just too complex to be understood completely.

You may be dating an awesome guy now. It makes you wonder why he's not taking the next step. Men won't commit for certain reasons. Fear of commitment in men may sometimes be traced from their past relationships. But of course, there are other varied reasons, too. Here are the top 5 answers that would help you understand why men avoid relationships:

They like dating other women. What else can you do? He's an alpha-male. He enjoys attention from other gals. He loves the company of not just one. It's not because he is a player. Some men just take pleasure in meeting new people. They find delight in getting to know other ladies and going out non-exclusively. The good thing about these men is that they are straightforward about it. Most of them blurt out their rules from the first time they date you. They are honest about it and they would only date women who are okay with it.

He's scared of the limitations that relationships require. Men know that when you are in a relationship, there are rules. There are certain things that you can't do because you have to think about your partner. Because of the obligations, men are driven away. Relationships make them feel smothered. So, to avoid hurting anyone, they prefer to just keep their dating status single. This is one reason why men won't commit to women.

Men avoid relationship dramas. Women are so much into heated discussions and frequent arguments. Most of the time, women are the ones who pick the fights. The reason might be because women want to be chased and wooed by men. Nevertheless, men are not into it. Why men won't commit quickly? It could be because they want a carefree life with less drama.

Men are scared to get hurt. Guys are capable of falling in love. As much as they hate to admit it, guys have hearts, too. They just try hard not to show it. Men are never known to be expressive and emotional. Most men who have commitment-phobia have been hurt badly in their past relationships. They were somewhat traumatized, hence, they developed their fear in commitment.

When you initially meet some men that are over 40 that aren't settled down, their answer to the question, "Why aren't you married?" or "Why aren't you in a committed relationship?" The answer usually is something like, "I just haven't met that special someone yet." Now hold on, if this guy is attractive, intelligent and well mannered there's more to the story than he is telling you. Don't get all excited and starting to plan your future together. Many women make the mistake that they will prevail with this guy because you (the woman) are so special and he really hasn't met anyone like you yet. You may or may not be "the one" for him. But take the whole relationship and commitment 'thing' one step at a time.

This is one of the reasons why men won't commit. If you're with someone who you want to get serious with, weigh if he's ready for you. He might just need time to settle other things within him before taking a leap. Don't pressure him by asking non-stop when he will be ready. When he is, he will come to you.

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