Men Scared Of Commitment - The Signs To Look For

Published: 31st January 2011
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Not all me are ready to get serious. There are some men scared of commitment, and they have their reasons. You must know that before you invest your emotions, weigh the situation first. Not because he's acting too sweet it means he's ready to take the next step. As much as you're happy when you're with him, don't fall for his charm. Be careful of guys frightened of committing. If you want to date someone who could possibly want a relationship with you, read the clues. Save yourself from guys who do not want to move in the same direction as you. Watch out for the following signs.

He expresses coldness. As the relationship starts to get serious, he will then try to pull back. He will start to distance and slowly build a wall between you. By this time, no more heart-to-heart conversations and he don't involve himself in your decisions in life. Although he doesn't intend to hurt you, it will eventually show that he's not into you anymore.

He panics when you set up family meeting. Meeting your loved ones is a serious matter in a relationship. But for a man terrified of obligation, expect lame excuses when you set up family meetings. It's basically because he is not concerned in knowing significant people in your life.

He has no interest for future plans. Of course, since from the beginning, he has no plans for a long-term relationship. When you talk about long-term plans, he will not participate or provide proposals. He will rather suggest other things to talk about. This is a classic move of men scared of commitment.

He is not into exclusive dating. He will most likely say, "we are just enjoying each other's company". He will also push you to date other men as he is dating other girls as well.

He doesn't make himself always available. He doesn't want you to depend on him. Even if you tell him that you need him, he'll make lame excuses to not be there. He doesn't like emotional attachment. He already built a wall around him. He'll only show up when he feels like it.

He hasn't said the three magic words. He will never say "I love you" to you. You're not even sure if he believes in the word "love". He feels that saying it means he's committing himself to you. So, don't expect to hear these words from him.

He has not made any effort to introduce you to the important people in his life. His friends and family are important to him. Making all of them meet you would mean that he's serious. Men scared of commitment will not put forth this much effort because they intend to detach themselves from you.

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