Is He A Player? - 5 Signs To Look For

Published: 01st February 2011
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Is he a player? This is one question that a divorced or single woman over 40 like you should ask before falling for a guy. There are a lot of men out there who are very deceiving. Before thinking of getting serious with him, know if he is playing you. Cheaters could be really charming. They have mastered the art of being sociable. Yet you have to know the signs that he's a liar.

Some women's minds are clouded by these players' smooth style. Even if you start doubting them, they still can get away with it. They're chronic cheaters and have done this before. They have played the game over and over, and know how to manipulate the situation. This man you are dating, knows how to make things turn around on his favor. He's one of those men who cheat.

Egomaniacs and self-absorbed men like these are almost everywhere. So, before you think of being serious, know if you're dating a cheater. Is he playing you? Find out by reading the following signs that he's a liar.

Players are defensive. He'll always claim that he's not doing anything wrong. He would even be vocal about condemning guys who cheat. Why? Because he wants you to think that he's not a player. He'll charm you with words. He'll constantly give you assurances that you are the only woman for him. He will make you feel as if he only has eyes for you. But beware. Words are just words. Is he a player? He could be. Some men who are very good in flattering women with words are infact, cheaters.

He has mastered the art of flirting. Even if you're around, he could do it without you noticing it. That's how good he is with cheating. If he could do it while he's with you, what more if you're not around?

He has unusual phone habits. This is one of the signs that he's a liar. Know if he is a player by observing his phone habits. Does his phone ring all the time? Does he whisper when he's talking to someone on the phone? Does he keep his phone off when he's with you? Have you called him several times and his phone is turned off on many occasions?

You catch his small lies. It may be about his whereabouts or some details about him. And when you start doubting him because of this, he will pick a fight. It's a skill that these jerks have. They very well know the art of reverse psychology. They will make you feel that they are not doing anything wrong even if they are. The rule for these guys: Deny, deny, deny! Even if they get caught on the act, still, they will deny it.

Players are not good in details. Know if you're dating a cheater by asking him about personal details about you. With so many women he's been with, it's not impossible for him to jumble the information. If you're still wondering "is he a player?" the best way is to listen to your gut.

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