How To Tell A Man Likes You - Tell-Tale Signs

Published: 23rd February 2011
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It can be difficult to decode the signs if whether a guy is interested in you or not. This is why it would be best to know ways of how to tell a man likes you. Men are just like women, in some respects they send mixed signals, too. They get an ego boost whenever they get a lot attention. If a guy senses that you're interested in him, he would most likely play around. Today you may feel that he also likes you. But then the next day you may sense that he's not interested at all. So, how can you tell if it's the real deal? Here are signs to watch out for:

1. He always tries to look and smell good when you're around. He'll do everything to impress you. He'll try to make a good impression by getting a new haircut and by dressing well. He'll use a fragrant perfume and will keep himself clean. He wants to give you the idea that he cares about what you think of him.

2. He likes being with you. He will do everything just so he can spend some time with you. Even if your place of work is far, he will stop by unexpectedly. The guy will then tell you that he was in the area and thought of visiting you. Then he will ask you to go on a lunch date with him.

3. He pays attention to small details about you. The guy listens when you speak. A man who is really interested in you will remember the important things that you say. You might have opened up about your family or your career. In one of your conversations he will let you know that he remembered the details. This is how to tell a man likes you.

4. He makes time for you. If he happens to know that you're not busy on weekend he will ask you out. He might have made some plans with his friends, but he'll cancel it to be with you. After work, he will most likely take time to call you so he could check on you.

5. He wants to get to know you more. The guy would ask a lot of questions about you, but not in a creepy way. He's just very much interested to learn more about you. He would ask you things like your ambition, goals, plans in the future, etc.

6. He sends you gifts. Since he pays attention to your likes, he'll use this to send you gifts. A guy will never spend a dime for a woman he's not interested in. This is a sure sign that he likes you and wants a relationship with you.

These are signs on how to tell a man likes you. It could be puzzling you at first. But when a guy likes you, it will show. When a man is interested in a woman it is hard to hide. Don't expect these guys to be straightforward, they usually do it an indirect way. Most men like to show they want a relationship with you rather than to say it outloud.

How to tell a man likes you is easy than what a lot of people think. You need to know what the signs are. Learn them at Suzy Weiss' website at

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