How To Make A Man Commit - 3 Proven Tips

Published: 09th February 2011
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You may have been dating and man for only a few months but the feeling you have about him is very different for the other guys you have dated. At this time, you might be pondering what that can be done to make a man commit. It starts with knowing that you are truly into him. Just as much as you're desperate to understand him and to truly know if he has the same feelings for you, you need to slow the pace of this budding romance. The sad truth is, that how far this relationship goes will continue to be mostly up to the guy. But there is one thing that can be done to influence him to believe he is able to commit to you.

Commitment anxiety is a common myth that women believe that guys have. This isn't completely accurate. A man may want to have a good time by not courting just you specifically. But as soon as he discovers a lady that is difficult to relinquish to other eager suitors, he is willing to reconsider the idea about committing.

However, the man you are dating may also be not ready for you. He's not scared of commitment. He may actually be looking for one. Maybe he's just looking for some qualities and deep connection. You may have not shown those attributes yet, but don't start celebrating. This article is specially written for you.

Your relationship may or might not go further. A man is only going to go one stage further if he considers that the two of you are heading someplace significant together. Challenge him subtly to really feel that you are seriously interested in him as well as your flourishing romantic relationship. Listed below are the 3 tested ideas to make a man commit.

1. Shower him with compliments. Yes, it's a fact that men protect and take care of their egos. But this is not the purpose why you'll be giving him compliments. You should be doing this to show him that you appreciate his good qualities. Not only will your man feel more confident, he will also feel that you're making him better. Guys who consider going into a serious relationship find women who make them become a better person. So, whenever your man does something good, commend him for that. Appreciate his looks by complimenting his fashion. When you're out with your friends, let him hear how you brag about him. If he gets promoted on his job, express how much you're proud of his accomplishments.

2. Don't try to change him. Men are driven away by women who are control freaks. Never try to change your man. You can talk to him about certain things, but never attempt to change him. Let him change his ways on his own. Do not impose that you want him to be like this or that. He will definitely be turned off if you keep on bossing him around. Make him feel that you accept him for who he is.

3. Don't push him to commit. As much as you hate to wait, you have to walk his pace. Do not make the mistake of forcing him to have the "commitment" talk too soon. Avoid asking him where your relationship is going or if he is serious about you. Let him open up about the topic when he's ready. The more you push him to commit, the more likely that he'll stay away from you.

These are just some ways of how to make a man commit. Men take commitment seriously and that's why they are careful in leading the women they date on. It is not because they want to play around. Guys just want to be sure that they can make a deeper relationship with you work.

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