How To Attract Men -The Thrill Of Chase

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Published: 22nd November 2010
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Are you always stuck and can't get pass the first date? Have you gone out on a date with a guy you thought might have been "the one"? You thought the evening went out smoothly. He said that he had a great time and would love to see you again. He even said that he would call you. Unfortunately, that was the last time you heard from him. It can be frustrating, right? So, how to attract men?

First and foremost, you need to understand the thrill of the chase. Men are physiologically similar to greyhounds at dog races. It's in their DNA to run after the rabbit once they see it. The only difference is that instead of the rabbit, men chase women.

You can use this as your leverage by playing hard to get. Do not appear desperate or chase or smother the guy. Not only is this a turn off, but you will also push him away. Remember, men love a challenge; they live for the thrill of the chase. Instead, flirt with him, but do it in a subtle way. Don't come on aggressively.

Since we're on the subject of flirting, you can also use body language when you flirt. Touch the guy's shoulder or hand during conversation. Move slightly forward when speaking to him. Smile, make eye contact and be really interested in what he is saying. You can even bite the bottom of your lip or slightly play with your hair. Just make sure that you are not being too obvious or exaggerated in your gestures.

Another technique to attract men is by being mysterious. Whenever you're on a date, don't spill out everything about you. Not only will you bore your date, but you will also annoy him. Moreover, you would be taking away the anticipation and thrill. Instead, just disclose as little information as possible to capture his attention and interest.

What you should also do is dress to impress. You wouldn't walk into a job interview dressed in casual clothes, right? You have to make a good impression with the interview if you want to get the position. The same goes with dating. But this doesn't mean that you have to wear revealing clothes. Dress in clothes that would make you "feel" (not "look") sexy.

Wear clothes that would accentuate your body and leave the rest to his imagination. You can also try wearing a red dress or top. According to research, seeing red can increase a person's heart rate. This option is something you should definitely consider.

Attracting men? Well, it pretty simple as a matter of fact. Check out for more information, tips and advice.

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