How To Attract A Guy Over 40 - Attract A Guy You Don't Know

Published: 23rd March 2011
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If you want to know how to attract a guy over 40, then you need to know how to do it even unconsciously. Why? It's because sometimes you are unaware of your actions. You can't always be on alert watching every little thing that goes on around you. There are instances where you could miss meeting a man who may possibly be a potential date. It could happen because you were in a hurry to catch the bus or train. It could even happen while you're eating your lunch at some diner or fast food restaurant.

But the good news is that you can attract guys without having to do anything. There are effective methods on how you can achieve that result. Get them drawn to you like magnets. Here are some simple ways to appeal to men.

Let your health be at its best. Whatever you wear, those love handles will show. Even if you tuck it too tight, men will notice. Especially if you're caught off guard, whether you're fit or not, they could see it. Start hitting the gym again. Lose those excess pounds. Groom your body to be at its healthiest. Impress him with your sexy body. Even if you don't intend to make a hit with guys, you'll fascinate them by your look.

Find out your preferences in men. A lot of women are having a hard time getting a guy they like. It's because they don't have a clear picture on what type of men they're interested in dating. Know what you want and you will definitely attract them. But this is not about how to get the opposite sex attracted to you. It's about a method of how to attract a guy over 40 that you are also attracted to.

Avoid intimidating men. Men would be driven away if you show too much confidence. Being confident is good, but too much of it will not help you in your cause. You should show confidence and friendliness at the same time. Walking with poise and attitude is also a good thing as it can attract guys. On the other hand, going beyond that can have a negative effect. Guys might not approach you because they would assume that you're beyond their reach.

Show your friendly side. You may not know this, but men observe women in public. Be a magnet for a man by unleashing a pleasing aura. Laugh and converse with grace when you are out with your friends. Show him that you are fun and that you are sociable. They are enchanted with women who know how to carry themselves in public places.

Sweep a gentleman off his feet by wearing a lingering scent. You might not intend to draw his attention, but it will definitely haunt him in a good way. Men can be particular about how a woman smells. Most of the time, they associate a woman with her scent.

Always stay calm and relaxed. Guys can tell if a woman is nervous and stressed out. This can be a turn off for them. So, you should pull yourself together and look relaxed wherever you go. This is how to attract a guy over 40 into your life.

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