Find Out If Your Friend Likes You - Signs He's Attracted

Published: 15th February 2011
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Do you want to find out if your friend likes you? Then you need to be on the lookout for signs. They say that the foundation of a good romantic relationship is friendship. This applies to several people. Some couples who are in long-term relationships started out as pals. But when do you know if your buddy likes you more than just being a friend? Here's how:

He treats you special. When both of you are with your other friends, it could easily be observed that he treats others differently. But because you are special to him, it seems like he's extra caring. Your best male bud likes you when he exerts effort to win your attention. He will make sure that he could provide you with everything you need. This is his way of showing you that he is the man for you.

You get calls from him everyday. Your friend likes you if he makes lame excuses for calling you. He has nothing important to say. He calls you for only two reasons. He wants to hear your voice and he wants you to know that he's thinking of you.

You catch him staring but he loses eye contact when talking to you. When you're busy with other things, he will find pleasure in just staring at you. But once you talk to him, he feels awkward looking straight into your eyes. It's probably because he's scared that you'll notice that he's attracted to you. Or maybe just plain shy.

You always get a "yes". Whatever you might need, he will never reject a request from you. You may wonder why he's doing this. It's because he doesn't want to make you feel bad. He also would want to make you see that he is a boyfriend material. He'd like to show you that he is reliable and dependable.

You see him everywhere. No, he's not following you. He's just a guy who loves to be near you. He'll take all chances just to see you. Find out if he likes you by calling him at a random time. If he always shows up, then he obviously likes you.

The guy comforts you whenever you feel bad. He loves to be your confidante. He's doing this to spend more time with you and because he genuinely cares about you. Your male friend wants to be your shoulder you can cry on. Just one call from you, and like a speeding bullet, he'll be there.

He showers you with a lot of compliments. He appreciates your style and beauty, this he can't keep to himself. He won't be able to stop himself from praising the things that he likes about you. If your mission is to find out if your friend likes you, this is a clear sign.

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