Colors That Attract Men - Choose Clothes That Have These Colors

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Published: 25th November 2010
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Did you know that there are certain colors that attract men? If you want to stand out from the crowd, choose the color of your clothes carefully. The importance of colors has already been established by the experts. Different experts have different opinions about colors. But one thing is for certain, some colors just make you feel good about yourself as well as intrigue the men that maybe checking you out.

You can use colors to your advantage to get a man's attention. They also convey a great deal about your characteristics. First impression is a major factor. You can make a huge impact by using the right color in the clothes you wear. There are certain colors that can make heads turn and stimulate the right type of emotion in a man. And if you use the correct one, it will attract and interest guys.

Red symbolizes strength and energy. It also shows how much you like to be noticed. Wearing red clothes would usually draw guys who are athletic and flirty in nature. Short dresses in this color convey that you're also that kind of person. Long dresses in red, on the other hand, signify that you desire attention. But it also shows that you mind what other people think of you.

Black shows that you are mysterious. Regardless of the style of dress you wear, you can never go wrong with this color. You would definitely draw a guy's attention. Wearing black would make them want to get to know you more. Simply put, this color makes you very desirable in the eyes of men. This is, without a doubt, one of the best colors that attract men.

Do you want to send a signal to the opposite sex that you're an adventurous and daring person? Wear clothes in yellow or orange. These colors show that you pursue what your heart and mind is telling you. But if you want to attract the right type of attention, you have to use these colors carefully. Your appeal might be jeopardized if you don't use them well.

Other bright colors like lavender and pink can also attract adventurous men. These colors imply that you're girlish and at the same time feminine. Guys who are drawn to these colors are generally romantic and soft-hearted. They want to sweep a woman's feet with candle light dinners and romantic talks.

Brown and green symbolize Mother Nature. Guys are drawn to these colors due to the fact that they are reminded of various things. The outdoors, the warm, loving atmosphere of home and many others. Wearing warm and smooth clothes either in green or brown can enhance your appeal towards men.

White represents simplicity. However, wearing clothes in this color can be tricky. You might send the wrong signal if you wear the incorrect style of clothes. Men searching for romance would be attracted to simple, light white dresses instead of white suits. So, before you wear clothes in any colors that attract men, consider the message you want to convey.

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